Laudy van den Heuvel (1993) – A whirlwind from Dutch soil. With roots in Nijmegen, a Bachelor of Arts in Dutch Language and Culture, and a place to live in the Danish city of Copenhagen. Currently studying Human Ecology at the University in Lund (SE).

Working in marketing for an online yarn boutique, loves to read books, knits and crafts every now and then, likes to visit (cultural) events and museums, and bakes a cake whenever she has the time (which is rarely, but still…)

Loves spring flowers, the cherry blossoms on Langelinie in Copenhagen, craft shops, beer in extreme flavours, the right music for the right mood, cycling though the countryside, climbing plants, well-placed surface water sewers in the street that make a gobbling sound whenever it has rained, words that exactly cover what is meant to be said, spontaneous encounters, spontaneity in general – wished I was somewhat more like that myself.