As the website was terribly outdated after five years of not changing a single thing on the layout, I thought that it could be potentially interesting to transform the website into some sort of blog – and here we are!

I still feel uncomfortable writing blog posts, as I have done it before, but forgot how to do it over the years. Excuse my by times broken English as well, as it is not my first language, and not my favourite either, but as Lingua Angelica (seriously, we cannot say Lingua Franca anymore, now lots of societies slowly forget how to speak that language) it will probably be as inclusive as it can get, as I do not master Chinese nor Spanish.

At the moment of writing, this blog is still empty. I have no expectations, and I cannot promise anything. It will probably not become super-consistent, but might instead become an eclectic experiment. As eclectic person, I like – and dislike – a lot, and I am everywhere. My moods change, as do my tastes and interests, which probably will somehow be reflected in my writings.

If you are interested reading more about me, there is a page that has some information on who I am and what I do.

Feel like following me? You are very welcome to do so! I’m always curious to know who you are, so don’t hesitate to send me a message via the contact page.


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